Tummy Exercises..
secrets to a flatter tummy!

Are you wondering what the best tummy exercises are?

Well, first of all the best exercise is always one that you actually do. If a particular exercise 'bores you to tears' you're just not going to do it!

The thought of endless tummy crunches can be rather tedious...

However,they are certainly effective. And just incase you're not sure how to do them...

Lie on back, feet on floor, which automatically bends knees! Put hands by ears [elbows out to sides]. Keeping lower back on floor lift shoulders from floor, while tensing abs and breathing out. Keep your head in line with your spine. Go for as many reps as you are comfortable with. Some people are happy with 10, others go for the 100. Your body will tell you what is right for you,do not strain!

Perhaps you're doing lots of tummy exercise and it's not getting any flatter? The problem could be yeast which can cause bloating. Keep off the yeasted bread [and beers!] for a while and see if there is any improvement. Here's a recipe for yeast free bread.

Of course, you can always just buy soda bread, or whatever non-yeasted variety you choose!

Also chew your food well. This helps digestion enormously. Indigestion leads to bloating. Also don't forget that women are not designed to have tummies like pancakes. A little roundness is acceptable and attractive!

But if you have a lot more than a 'little roundness' tummy exercises alone will not achieve a flat[or gently rounded] tummy. It's possible that you have divinely flat abs lurking beneath a tad too much padding...

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A particular favourite exercise of mine are the Five Tibetan Rites. You will notice a huge improvement in as little as ten minutes a day! I do them and they really do work.

And you won't just flatten your tummy. You'll be generally slimmer, firmer, happier and fitter. Go and invest in the Five Tibetan Rites now and discover ancient tummy flattening secrets!

Walking is also good. Are you up to your ten thousand steps per day?Just pulling in your abs during the day, whenever you remember, is a great muscle strengthener. You can do it secretly while standing in a queue [in line] Best not to do this on a full tummy though!

So there you have it. Do exercise you enjoy. Don't set unrealistic goals. Eat sensibly.

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