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Your one-stop-shop for looking & feeling fabulous

Outer Beauty
Discover how to go from 'plain Jane'... to 'plain Gorgeous' .

Of course, that is tongue in cheek - there are not many Charlotte Vales these days - now that   was some transformation.  If you don't know what I'm talking about I recommend one  of the best golden oldie movies ever - Now Voyager with Bette Davis. It is pure bliss to watch!

Anyway, I digress, on with the show...

Transform your image and enhance your confidence. Did you know that 80% of us women (and probably men, if my hubby is anything to go by)  only wear 20% of their clothes?

I can show you how to...

  • have all the clothes in your wardrobe flatter you
  • make shopping for clothes a pleasure
  •  look your best every day
  • easily choose your best make-up shades

Inner Beauty 
Enhance your womens natural health...

  • increase your happiness & decrease stress
  • revel in days that run more smoothly
  • look younger - from within

Discover the POWER Method© Relaxation Miracle...
(Personal Optimum Well-being Energy & Relaxation)
It's an easy, enjoyable and effective stress management  technique

Diva Days 
Get together with your friends for a fab girls day out in at 'In the Pink'

Never stuffy and always fun!

Superb advice for beauty & style seekers,  brides-to-be, and women of every shape and size who just want to look & feel their best. Learn how to easily transform your looks and your life on a great girls day out.
More like parties than workshops, choose from two options...

Outer Diva  - Colour and Image
discover how to choose the right colours and styles to look your best every day, including...

  • what colours, clothes, make-up & accessories best suit your personality, colouring, body shape and proportion.
  • how to wear the most flattering styles

Inner Diva  - inner beauty, radiance & relaxation
Learn how to look & feel 10 YEARS YOUNGER - naturally!

Amongst other things I'll teach you the amazing POWER© Method, making every aspect of your life easier and more enjoyable 

Enhance your natural health, zest  and beauty...

Become more confident, less tired, and focus more clearly - every day! Go home lit from within, with new  bounce in your step...

Click here to find out more about our Diva Days!

Or click here for womens natural health articles, tips and more! 

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